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Blackbutt "The Bronze" : Eucalyptus pilularis
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Common Name :
Blackbutt "The Bronze"
Scientific Name :
Eucalyptus pilularis
Circumference :
12.40 metres (488 inches)
Height :
43.00 metres (141 feet)
Crown :

28.00 metres (91 feet)

Points :


State :
Town :
Johns River
Access :

Location :
Middle Brother NP, 100m west of the "Bird Tree"
Coordinates :

31 41 17.3 S 152 40 56.4 E
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Nominator :
Don Cruickshanks
Year Measured :
Age :
Type :
Native Forest

Comments :

Storm damage to the crown is clearly visible resulting in a significant loss of the upper trunk and branches. For years the tree was thought to be dying, but in November 2013, there is lots of new growth visible.
This tree is 100m to the west of the Bird Tree. The Hulk is about 60m closer to the Bird Tree. This means that within about a 125m radius of the "Bird Tree" there are four enormous Blackbutts scoring over 650 Points. The four are the: Bird, Benaroon, Hulk and Bronze trees.

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