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Silky Oak : Grevillea robusta
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Common Name :
Silky Oak
Scientific Name :
Grevillea robusta
Circumference :
3.47 metres (136 inches)
Height :
26.00 metres (85 feet)
Crown :

16.00 metres (52 feet)

Points :


State :
Town :

Location :
South end bridge over Moruya River

Nominator :
Jacob Stanyer
Year Measured :

Comments :

Per Ian Bevege. I have called it Southern Silky Oak, Grevillea robusta, advisedly as there are several silky oaks in tropical Queensland, the most common being the northern silky oak, which is the common name for either Cardwellia sublimis or Orites excelsa. Sooner or later you will get nominations for either or both of these from northern tree huggers. This tree is really stupendous this year, November 2012, after a good season, in full flower and leaf. So much better than when it was struggling during the drought with nary a leaf for two or three years. These are hardy very adaptable beasts but there are moves to have them declared a weed tree, even down here in the Eurobodalla; what nonsense. This species has been one of our most important timber trees (second only to red cedar for window frames and much used in early Brisbane up to the 1950s for this purpose) and of course furniture. It is currently used extensively to shade coffee plantations in east Africa and central America.
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