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Western Woody Pear -  danja, dumbung, koongal : Xylomelum occidentale
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Common Name :
Western Woody Pear - danja, dumbung, koongal
Scientific Name :
Xylomelum occidentale
Circumference :
1.38 metres (54 inches)
Height :
9.00 metres (29 feet)
Crown :

6.00 metres (19 feet)

Points :


State :
Town :
Access :

Location :
Gelorup Corridor

Nominator :
Kieran Noonan
Year Measured :
Age :
Type :
Native Forest

Comments :

Good condition. It has a long thick straight trunk and a high foliage. The Woody pear is usually a small tree growing to 5 to 8 m tall, with a short trunk. The leaves are bright green, leathery and have serrated margins. The large woody fruit is pear-shape, hence the common name. When the fruit splits, the seed that is released is shaped like a single blade of a propeller, and it spirals with the wind, aiding its dispersal. Woody pears grow naturally in the sandy soils of the south west, and is usually a minor species in any of its habitats, which are usually identified as jarrah, marri or banksia woodland. Large dense populations of woody pears are rarely found, as it is a highly sought after specialty timber. Here it grows in close association with the native Moodjar, or Western Australian Christmas Tree, Nuytsia floribunda.
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