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Paperbark - Swamp : Melaleuca rhaphiophylla
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Common Name :
Paperbark - Swamp
Scientific Name :
Melaleuca rhaphiophylla
Circumference :
4.90 metres (192 inches)
Height :
30.00 metres (98 feet)
Crown :

20.00 metres (65 feet)

Points :


State :
Town :
Access :

Location :
100m South/East end of Tarrock Crt

Nominator :
Terri Sharp & Kieran Noonan
Year Measured :
Age :
Type :
Native Forest

Comments :

This Swamp Paper Bark tree is in the middle of a very special area of Swamp Paper Barks in the Five Mile Brook, a seasonal creek. It is surrounded by hundreds of other paperbarks, many with multiple narrower trunks, and dozens of other specimens which are also very big for this species, but none of which comes within half a metre of this ‘mother tree’ in trunk circumference. The tree looks to be in very good healthy condition, with a dense green canopy.
It is located in Native forest / wetland; in the centre of a seasonal creek, called the Five Mile Brook. Interestingly it is only 1220m from the Gelorup Giant Tuart, which is also listed in this directory, as the world’s largest tuart. It is most unusual to have two giant trees of different species in such proximity. There are also very large marri trees, jarrah trees, peppermint trees and banksias in the vicinity

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