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Gum - Lemon Scented : Corymbia citriodora
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Common Name :
Gum - Lemon Scented
Scientific Name :
Corymbia citriodora
Circumference :
4.30 metres (169 inches)
Height :
24.00 metres (78 feet)
Crown :

34.00 metres (111 feet)

Points :


State :
Town :
Melbourne - Surrey Hills
Access :

Location :
Surrey Gardens Norfolk Rd
Coordinates :

37 49 36.31 s 145 05 44.81 e
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Nominator :
Millar Jeremy
Year Measured :

Type :

Comments :

Wide spreading open crown. Planted centrally to the southern end of the garden, the tree has a high contribution to the landscape and high aesthetic value. Outstanding example of the species.
Surrey Gardens were planted and opened in 1907. The tree may have been planted at this time but is possibly a remnant of the area. Refer. Boroondara significant tree study for more information.

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