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NRB Trees
NRB Trees


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Australia's LARGEST trees of each species are recorded in this Register.

Points are awarded on the basis of a formula that includes, circumference, height, and crown spread.

The Register is an integrated list of Australian native trees, and naturalised exotic/alien trees. It is constantly changing as people nominate trees they have found.

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See HOW TO NOMINATE & TREE MEASUREMENT for all the information you need. You do not have to be an expert on trees, or on how to measure a tree.

The TREE REGISTER has these headings:

Common Name
State and Region
Scientific Name

The Register will work closely with all Federal and State Forestry/Environmental Departments and related entities, such as National Parks, that have interests that parallel the Objectives of this Register. This close cooperation, and website linking, will extend to all Shire, City and Town Councils, Botanical Gardens, Greening Australia, and the National Trust of Australia.

The Register is not only about big big Trees. It covers all the wonderful garden, pavement and park trees we have in our communities and wilderness areas.

The Register started in May 2009. We need your help to populate the Register. Please tell all your friends about it.

NRB Trees