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Download Tree Nomination Word DOC (if you have Microsoft Word)

Download Tree Nomination PDF File (to print out and fill in)

Anybody can nominate and measure a tree!

When nominating a tree, you must provide these three measurements.

Trunk Circumference measured at 1.4m above the ground, in metres to nearest cm. e.g. 5.13, 5.50, 3.20
Tree Height measured to the nearest. e.g. 35 [35.20], 16 [15.50], 83 [83]. Under 10m to nearest half metre e.g. 6 [6.2], 7.5 [7.6].
Average Crown Spread measured in metres to nearest metre above. e.g. 16 [15.20], 6 [5.50], 25 [25]

Common name:
Scientific name:
Estimated age:
Write in measurements below:
Circumference – metres: __________
Height – metres: __________
Crown Spread – metres: __________
[To convert metres to inches, multiply by 39.37 e.g. 4.55m X 39.37 = 179]
[To convert metres to feet, multiply by 3.28 e.g. 21.5 X 3.28 = 71]
Trunk Circumference [inches] + Height [feet] + 1/4 Average Crown Spread [feet]

____________ + ____________ + ____________

= _______________ Points [rounded]

Tree condition and general remarks:
Native forest, remnant or planted:
Nearest town:
Location – as specific as possible:
GPS Coordinates - obligatory: Lat.  S, Long.  E.
Date measured:
Nominator's name:
Photo: Digital format and no vehicles: (Ideally with somebody next to the tree to give it scale.)
Owner’s name & address if different from tree:
Accessibility: Private or Public [add any comments about this]:
Email to: or post to: NRB Trees, 32 Seaview Street, Balgowlah, N.S.W. 2093.

Measurements - see link for more information:

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