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NRB Trees
NRB Trees
NRB Trees


For the first three years of the Register's existence it has been funded by Derek McIntosh. The steady expansion of the Register will continue without the need for additional funding. However, there are certain new projects and administrative systems that require fairly large amounts of funding.

The principal projects are:

  • Development of applications to run on smart phones [iPhone and Androids] and pads [iPad and others].
  • Improved database recording systems and website searching of the Register.
  • Upgrading the website.
  • The paid use of tree climbers to measure the height of selected forests giants in all areas, but especially in N.S.W. and southeast Queensland forests.
  • Limited travel expenses to find Champion trees in the less travelled parts of the country.

As the Register is not a registered charity, financial support has to be secured by means of donations that are not tax deductible. An annual audit of revenue and expenditure will be provided by a certified auditor.

NRB Trees