National Register of Big Trees : Australia's Largest Trees :

NRB Trees
NRB Trees
NRB Trees


Largest River Red Gums in South Australia & Victoria, February 2018, Dean Nicolle:
Australia's Largest River Red Gums

The premier Australian Gymnosperm Database:

The National Trust of Australia - Victoria has an excellent register of Significant Trees:

An expert on eucalypts, and an arboretum doing excellent research:

The ACT Government has a very comprehensive Tree Register:

Victoria's Giant Trees

Tasmania's Giant Trees

Visit Tasmania's Giant Trees - Guided Tours

The Behemoths
The Behemoths of the Bush

Notable Trees of New Zealand

Richard Preston on the giant trees:

A unique record of notable and ancient trees in Britain and Ireland

A wonderful library of information for the tree lover

International Dendrology Society:

Big Trees of U.S.A:

Big Trees of British Columbia, Canada:

NRB Trees